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Fragrant Sake Set

Fragrant, bursting with aroma.

Daimon Brewery 3 x 300ml Set

Set Contains : 1 x 300ml Daimon 45 Junmai Daiginjo 1 x 300ml Daimon 55 Junmai Ginjo 1 x 300ml Daimon Shizuka Junmai Ginjo Daimon 45: Made with the Yamada Nishiki's highest grade Hyogo Rice, this sake is dry and crisp with a hit of umami that will keep you coming back for more. Best served chilled or closer to room temperature to accentuate underlying aromatic and mineral notes. Excellently paired with shellfish, oysters, and other fresh seafood delights! Daimon 55: The Daimon 55 Junmai Ginjo delivers its unique taste with a well-balanced profile. Harboring a light yet slightly sweet and aromatic bouquet that pairs well with simple flavors of uni, fish, meat, and salads along with another bottle of Daimon 55. Daimon Rikyubai Shizuka: Revered for its sharp and refreshing taste, this sake offers a traditional and classic profile of the Kansai region’s flavors. An elegant finish with subtle fruity notes and mellow umami makes this sake versatile and easily paired well with a variety of dishes

Zaku Miyabi No Tomo Junmai Gin...

Celebrate Father’s Day with this award winning sake set

The Aromatic Set: Sakarimasu D...

A perfect pair for the lovers of aromatic sake. Hand-selected for their balanced sweetness and flavors to suit salty foods, the Aromatic Set is a great choice for a dinner celebration. Sakarimasu Daiginjo With an elegant, fruity aroma and mildly sweet taste, this sake is perfect for pairing with salted and grilled white fish, cream stew and the izakaya favourite - potato salad. Bottle: 720mlOrigin: KanagawaAlc.: 15.0%Type: Daiginjo Echigo Yukikura With a rich taste and fruit aroma, this sake has a balanced profile with a dry and crisp taste. Paired best with tempura, cream cheese and other lightly salted food. Bottle: 720mlOrigin: NiigataAlc.: 17.8%Type: Daiginjo Genshu

Miyabi No Tomo Junmai Ginjo + ...

This sake with it’s wonderfully organised flavours, won gold in the 2020 National Japanese Sake Competition - Junmai Ginjo Division. This means out of all the sake made with a rice polishing degree of less than 50%, Zaku Miyabe No Tomo shines through.This unique sake uses yeast which is preserved in-house and provides a delicious fruity taste. It delivers an elegantly smooth, multi-layered sweetness along with a gentle aroma of pears, melons and honeysuckle. Zaku Miyabi No Tomo is no stranger to political and business summit meetings, making its rounds amongst Japan’s most influential leaders.A subtle sharpness and fine acidity makes this sake a perfect pairing option for light crispy foods such as tempura and other treats such as white fish and ponzu vinegar. Bottle: 720mlOrigin: MieAlc.: 16.0%Type: Junmai Ginjo Emishiki Masterpiece 2020 Junmai Daiginjo is designed differently from the sensation series. It has been re-examined in terms of koji making, raw material processing, sake mother, and moromi design, and only those that meet the bar will be released as "masterpieces". Using Association No. 10, this sake pursues a fresh, gentle, and elegant aroma like green grass. Although, it delivers a more complex and condensed subtle taste than you might believe. Mild aromas of pear, melon, and fresh notes of green along with a beautifully refined yet balanced acidity spreads in the mouth, accompanied by juicy umami. Then comes the sweetness. Brilliantly paired with toro sashimi and pink shrimp, there is no doubt this bottle would be perfect for any upcoming celebration. Bottle: 720mlOrigin: ShigaAlc.: 16.0%Type: Junai Daiginjo